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Protects hands and helps prevent kickback, binding and bent blades. Use on table saws to keep long stock tight against the rip fence, or attach to fence to prevent workpiece from lifting during cutting. Features integral fittings for T-slots and includes Mitre Slot Adaptor for tables and fences with standard 3/8" x 3/4" slots. Built-in set-up feather provides easy tension setting.
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693375200 x 240 x 60mm

Crown-Cut Crown Moulding Cutting Jig
Portable jig eliminates the complication of cutting crown and cove moulding, giving perfect mitres every time. Holds the moulding at its intended angle during cutting, resulting in an accurate, clean cut. Fits all 10" and larger mitre saws, regular or sliding. Adjustable fence risers fit crown and cove moulding up to 6" wide.
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633345254mm (10")

Numbering Sign Kit 31pce
Numbering templates interlock to form a stable pattern for routing signs. 3" Comic Sans font style. Includes 2 each of numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0. Also includes: ., , ?, !, /, #, @, & and $ symbols.
360 view
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Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit 28pce
Complete kit for gripping and protecting workpieces. Use Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers alone to grip and protect workpieces. Can also be used with the included standard risers and XL risers to fix to dog holes or to allow space for a router bit or jigsaw blade beneath the workpiece. Includes 8 x Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers, 4 x risers, 8 x extra-long risers and 8 x Bench Cookie® finishing cones.
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Bench Cookie® Plus Kit 4pce
Newly redesigned, friction rubber pads hold projects steady while sawing, sanding, or routing without the use of clamps. A threaded insert is included for adding a variety of accessories that elevate your work and provide plenty of clearance for all project needs. Optional accessories available for the Bench Cookie® Plus: Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones, Bench Cookie® Sawhorse Clips, Bench Cookie® Finishing Bridges, and Bench Cookie® Risers.
Code   Description List Price

Bench Cookie® Cones 4pk
Fail-safe project finishing system that holds your project off the workbench with minimal surface contact, ensuring continued stability throughout the entire finishing process. Allows finishing of both sides of the workpiece without slipping or sliding and protects Bench Cookie™ Work Gripper pads from paint and other finishing products. Custom-sized to fit the Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work™ Grippers.
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Bench Cookie® Bridge
Bench Cookie® Finishing Bridges fit snugly over any Bench Cookie® to lift, grip, protect and finish smaller projects. The Bridges feature elongated contact points that allow narrow rails, stiles, dowels and louvre stock to be balanced for finishing. Minimal surface contact between the Bench Cookie® Finishing Bridges and the workpiece means virtually no marring of the finish. The Bridges stack neatly for compact storage.
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Bench Cookie® Plus Risers 2pk
Doubles the height of Bench Cookie® Plus discs and raises workpieces for working with saws and other shop that require extra height. Fits 19mm (3/4") Bench Dog holes or 19mm (3/4") holes drilled into sawhorses or other fixtures.
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Bench Cookie® XL Riser 4pk
Triples the height of Bench Cookie® Plus discs when threaded into the centre insert. Raises workpieces for working with saws and other tools that require extra height. Fits 19mm (3/4") Bench Dog holes or 19mm (3/4") holes drilled into sawhorses or other fixtures.
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Bench Cookie® Plus Storage Rack
Strong storage rack holds 8 Bench Cookies. Easy to mount on a wall or workbench, and keeps Bench Cookies safely and neatly stored and close at hand. L x W x H 267 x 88 x 60mm. Fixings not included.
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Bench Cookie® Sawhorse Clips 4pk
Strong, steel clips for use with Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers to provide stability whilst sawing, routing and sanding. Simply clip onto the sawhorse and screw Bench Cookies® on for a solid, non-slip work surface that can be easily resized for any workpiece. Fits 2x material 38mm (1-1/2") thick. Includes 4 x sawhorse clips and 4 x pan-head screws.
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