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Battery-Powered Engraver
For engraving glass, ceramic, metal and wood. 1 spare tip included. 21,000rpm max. Up to 20 hours battery life. Requires 2 x AA batteries.
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Nylon-Tipped Tweezers
Stainless steel tweezers with nylon tips and serrated grip. Ideal for jewellery-making and other intricate work.
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Craft Set 3pce
Stainless steel utility set ideal for hobbyists. General purpose inspection mirror. Curved tweezers with narrow, finely-ground angled points for delicate handling and positioning. Single-ended probe for wax and clay carving or cake decorating.
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Cross-Action Tweezer Set 2pce
Stainless steel, self-closing tweezers with heat-resistant fibre grips and serrated tips. Ideal for small soldering tasks and model making. Jaw capacity 25mm. Includes 1 x straight and 1 x 45° bent tip.
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696669162 / 165mm

Pick/Probe Set 6pce
Stainless steel set of picks and probes ideal for carving and sculpturing. Includes 3 single-end picks and 3 double-end hooks.
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Archimedes Drill
Brass finish. Spring-action drill, turns simply by pushing down on mechanism. Suitable for small drill bits up to 1mm. Ideal for precision drilling.
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Tweezer Set 7pce
Carbon steel. Ideal for model building, clock repairs and other delicate work. Includes straight point, straight jaw, straight jaw with cushioned grip, angled jaw, angled jaw with cushioned grip, duck bill and bent cross with cushioned grip.
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Pick-Up Tool
Stainless steel pick-up tool with 4 spring-loaded prongs which extend when the plunger is pressed, and close when released. Ideal for picking up small components. Knurled grip.
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Spring Hook Set 4pce
Hardened steel tools for separating wire and for setting and adjusting springs. Also can be used as pick for careful removal of O-rings. Red insulated non-slip grip. Ideal for model-makers and jewellery makers. Length 185mm.
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Cutting Mat
Multi-layer, self-healing cutting mat for cutting paper, card and other materials without damaging surfaces. Clear marking guides for accurate cutting. Ideal for hobby, craft and workshop use.
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Non-Slip Mat
Suitable for crafts and light DIY. Can also be used as a protective layer on shelves and in tool boxes. Cut to size. Open weave prevents build up of waste and maintains grip. Easy to clean.
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733246910 x 1220mm

Solid Brass Gauge
Handy pocket size solid brass vernier gauge for measuring lengths and diameters up to 100mm. Ideal for jewellers and model making. Jaw capacity 100mm.
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3634044" (100mm)

Pin Vice Set 4pce
For holding wire, taps, scribers and reamers. Tubular handles allow wire through tool. Knurled handle for easy grip. 4-jaw chuck. Includes sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4mm.
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2378521, 2, 3 & 4mm

Oiler Pen
0.4mm needle point tip. For lubricating hard-to-reach areas. Use with jewellers oil. Ideal accessory for craft, hobby and DIY use. Refillable.
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Universal Work Holder
Removable handle so head can be locked in bench vice. Ideal for small and irregular shaped objects, jewellers items etc. For filing, painting, engraving, sawing, shaping work. Includes 8 steel pins to clamp odd shapes. Jaw capacity 21mm; jaw width 50mm; handle length 115mm.
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38007724mm Jaw Capacity

Airbrush Hobby Kit 6pce
Simple, single-action trigger airbrush for general purpose hobby and model work. Variable pattern and paint flow is adjusted by the venturi nozzle. Can be powered by propellant canister or with a compressor if prolonged use is required.
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Watch Case Opener Set 2pce
Adjustable screw-type watch case opener. Opens watch cases from 15-50mm. Angled pins for better grip. Doubled-edged stainless steel knife with PVC grip.
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Watch & Optical Screws Assorted 120pce
Assorted detailed stainless steel screws suitable for replacing lost or broken screws on smaller objects, including watches and optical frames etc. For hobby, craft and DIYers. Includes 12 different types of screws. Sizes clearly marked on carry case.
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Scratch Brushes 3pk
Retractable bristles for removing of rust and dirt from jewellery and watch backs, or to create various finishes on brass, silver, gold and copper. Ideal for automotive, craft and hobby use. Includes 3 x brushes with brass, steel and fibreglass bristles.
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Hobby Hammer
2.6oz (75g) hammer with 6 interchangeable heads for general craft use. Ideal for jewellery-making and metal art. Aluminium handle with knurled grip. Each head screws on separately. Includes nylon, ball, round, flat steel, flat brass and chisel heads.
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8526006 Heads

Mini Anvil
Cast iron anvil ideal for jewellery-making or small tasks requiring a small striking surface. Features 33mm horn which is ideal for shaping, and 7 x 22mm striking face.
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Multi Angle Vice
Tough, cast alloy clamp-on table vice. 70mm rubber jaws with 50mm opening capacity. Head swivels 360° and can be angled up to 45°. Rubber table guard prevents marking.
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Table Vice with Swivel Base
Swivel base turns 360°. Cast iron frame with anvil. Steel screws and slide bar. Jaws open to 50mm.
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Vacuum Base Table Vice
Versatile table vice with swivel head and powerful vacuum base for securely fixing to worktops. Grooved jaws for a firm grip on small, round or irregular-shaped workpieces. Jaw capacity 70mm. Jaw width 75mm.
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Table Vice
Cast iron frame with anvil, 65mm capacity jaws, plated steel screws and slide bars.
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Dusting / Cleaning Brush
General dusting and cleaning brush with nylon bristles, stainless steel ferrule and plastic handle.
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Rubber Dust Blower
Ideal for removing dust from sensitive areas and crevices such as camera lenses and computer keyboards. The metal tip provides precise air flow, and a one-way intake valve prevents reverse air flow. Tear-proof.
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932332115 x 60mm

Packing Tape Dispenser
Lightweight plastic and steel pistol-grip dispenser. Accepts 50mm x 66m tapes.
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427679Pistol Grip

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