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Lock Rod Drain Rod System 12pce
The Lock Rod Drain Rod System (patent pending) comprises robust, durable and flexible polypropylene rods with superior interlocking fittings. Double worm screw breaks up obstructions and the plunger creates pressure build-up and forces obstructions to clear. The rods can be rotated in either direction and will remain securely attached. Knurled screw connectors provide an enhanced grip and tool-free connection. Includes 10 x 920mm interlocking rods, 1 x 100mm rubber plunger, and 1 x 50mm double worm screw.
Code   Description List Price
27837312pce Drain Rod Set
326522Plunger Head 100mm
386272Drop Scraper Head 100mm
898451Spare Rod 920mm
972557Double Worm Screw Head 50mm

Drain Rod Set
Comprehensive drain rod set with full range of accessories for general purpose domestic drain clearing. Constructed with universal joints and crimped riveted end connections for reliability and durability. Double worm screw end breaks up obstructions and plunger creates a build-up of pressure forcing obstructions to clear. Flexible and easy to screw together, the polypropylene rods, 920mm long x 18mm diameter, are available in a set of 10 rods and an extension pack of 4 rods. The accessories are also compatible with Silverline Expert Drain Rod Set 868720 and many third party sets. Always rotate clockwise.
360 view
Code   Description List Price
6338264pk Extension Rods
595740Chimney Brush Head 400mm
630077Flue Brush Head 250mm
447122Drop Scraper Head 100mm
273195Guide Wheel 55mm
868723Double Worm Screw Head 50mm
675209Plunger Head 100mm
633759Drain Brush Head 100mm
417961Wire Tube Brush 100mm
366706Wire Tube Brush 150mm

Drain Rod Bag
Moisture-resistant bag with zip and carry handle. Compatible with 12pce Drain Rod Set (273193) and 12pce Lock Rod Drain Rod Set (278373).
360 view
Code   Description List Price
633748Drain Rod Bag 920mm

2m Expert Drain Rod Set 7pce
Universal zinc-plated joints crimped and pinned to the rods for added strength. Complete with rubber plunger and worm screw attachments. Includes 5 x 2m x 25mm dia heavy duty polypropylene rods in waterproof drawstring storage bag. Compatible with Silverline drain rod accessories and chimney brushes.
Code   Description List Price
8687207pce Drain Rod Set
282561Bag 2100mm

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