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Padlock & Hasp Set Laminated 2pce
50mm laminated zinc-plated padlock and 90mm hasp and staple. Cut-resistant hardened steel padlock shackle protects against sawing and cutting attacks. Heavy duty locking system resists pry attacks. Tough corrosion-resistant solid steel hasp with concealed fixings. Secures doors, gates, sheds, garages and vehicles. Includes 2 keys.
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Shrouded Padlock
Solid steel body with brass locking cylinder. Protective chrome-plated, brass ring in base and chrome-plated, hardened, double-locking, shrouded shackle. Includes 3 steel keys. Horizontal x vertical shackle clearance: 595756: 20x23mm, shackle dia 7mm; 298532: 23x27mm, shackle dia 9.5mm; 801285: 27x33mm, shackle dia 11mm; 260329: 37x36mm, shackle dia 12mm.
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Close Shackle Padlock
Plastic-armoured padlock over aluminium body. Brass locking mechanism. Fully removable double-locking shackle. Deep shoulders to maximise security. Ideal for locking bars. Key cover plate. Includes 3 brass keys. Horizontal x shackle clearance: 427623: 19x19mm; 245032: 18x22mm. Shackle dia: 427623: 8.5mm; 245032: 11mm
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Stainless Steel Disc Padlock
Heavy duty stainless steel construction with maximum corrosion resistance. Hardened rotary action double-locking steel shackle provides extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks. Laser-welded lock body limits moisture ingress and protects internal locking mechanism, which is double-bolted for extra strength to resist torsion and pull attacks. 5-pin cylinder increases protection against picking.
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Stainless Steel Disc Padlock
Stainless steel close shackle disc padlock. Brass locking cylinder. Includes 3 keys.
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Close Armoured Shutter Lock Padlock
Close shackle hardened steel armoured cover over steel body and brass cylinder. Hardened steel rotating shackle prevents cutting with any type of saw. Anti-drill cylinder with ball-bearing locking mechanism. Includes 3 steel keys. Horizontal x vertical shackle clearance: 819718: 20x15mm; 380651: 30x25mm; 792082: 36x25mm. Shackle dia: 819718: 10mm; 380651: 12mm; 792082: 12mm
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Hasp & Staple Heavy Duty
Corrosion-resistant steel plate with hammer finish. Concealed fixing for extra security. Includes mounting screws.
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63371430 x 90mm
67519538 x 140mm
86870040 x 115mm
28252250 x 180mm

Cast Iron Shutter Lock
Rotating shackle prevents cutting by any type of saw. Includes 3 steel keys. Body (W x H x Th): 80 x 60 x 27mm. Horizontal shackle clearance: 25mm. Vertical shackle clearance: 19mm. Shackle dia: 12mm. Weight: 642g.
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E-Type Armoured Padlock
Armoured case padlock with 2-point close shackle for added security when used with sleeved security chain (not included). Includes 3 steel keys. Size (W x H x D): 90 x 75 x 30mm. Horizontal x vertical shackle clearance: 21 x 18mm. Shackle dia 11mm. Weight 1kg.
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Round Steel Padlock
Round padlock with chrome-plated steel body, brass cylinder and hardened steel shackle. Includes 3 keys. 71mm wide x 54mm high x 23mm deep. Weight: 0.38kg. Shackle clearance: 26mm (vertical) x 20mm (horizontal). Shackle dia: 8.5mm.
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Cam Lock
Nickel-plated with 36.5mm straight cam and steel clip. Key is removable in locked and unlocked positions. Secures desk drawers, glass doors and other furniture items. Includes hex nut and 2 keys.
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