Auto Express Product Award Winner 2022



Award Winning Silverline Tote Bag


The Silverline is everyone’s idea of a toolbag: nothing special in any one area, but a great combination of features makes it our Best Buy.


At just less than a kilo, it was light enough for its 20x30x40cm size and came with a 1.2-metre strap for easy carrying. We liked its tough construction in reinforced nylon, which gave the impression it would stand up to many years of hard work. The zipped can’t I lever opening revealed a spacious interior complete with eight internal pockets, and there are a further 13 dotted around the exterior.


The hard plastic base kept everything rigid, and it coped with almost all our test samples. We also liked the Velcro grip, which secured a comfortable cover for its twin handles. It’s impressively well made, practical and, at the price, good value for an everyday bag.


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