Triton have been making specialist woodworking tools for over 45 years. For the last 20 years, their routers have been known by many woodworkers as the ‘best in the world’. Differing in size and power but sharing multiple award-winning features, the Triton 3-1/4hp TRA001 and 2-1/4hp MOF001 are workshop favourites. The TRA in particular continues to rate among the best in product head-to-heads and is highly sought after, but Triton is very soon releasing a new addition to their routing range, the TRA002.


So, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?


Triton’s answer is simple; Mark Pearson, Triton’s Global Brand Manager, said ‘The TRA001 is the world’s best router, but we saw an opportunity to make the best even better’ Enter TRA002.


The TRA002 is not a replacement, but an evolution of the TRA001. Triton say they have listened to their customer base and have added new features and improved functionality. The TRA001 isn’t going away though, it will remain a part of Triton’s router range for the foreseeable future.


What’s the same?


The power, but with an updated kick. Motor technology has improved a lot over the last 20 years, so updated and refined internal electronics mean more intelligent constant speed under load. The 2400W 3-¼hp motor will still have the sheer grunt to plough through timbers in or out of the table, and will retain the smooth, variable-speed delivery to the cutting head that its users expect.


Other features that make Triton routers workshop favourites are also staying. The ever-popular built-in router lift for table use; Triton’s unique, patented rack-and-pinion height adjustment system; dual fixed and push-button plunge modes; the interchangeable collet system; and above-the-table bit and collet changes.


So, what’s new?


Apart from the evolved components added to the electrical brain of the TRA002, there are some visible additions. The cut area has been redesigned and enclosed to create a hyper-efficient cyclonic-dust-extraction effect, which is coupled with a new extended vertical hose and swivelling extraction port. Triton assert that these new features will make the TRA002 the cleanest-operating router on the market.


Further gains have been made in the cut area too; the TRA002 boasts an improved plunge depth of 68mm, and the TRA002’s 70mm maximum cutter diameter dwarfs the original TRA001’s 55mm capacity.


Other additions include a bright LED work light to improve visibility during hand-held operation of the router, and the base now features a guide bush plate, making the new TRA002 ready for Triton’s range of guide bushes or US standard bushes straight out of the box.


Triton’s TRA002 will be finding its way into workshops soon. For further updates and more Triton news, head to and subscribe to their mailing list, and follow them @triton_tools on social media.